Brothers Adopted

Teachers and students of special public schools-orphanage I-II levels, want to thank you for helping and organizing a relaxing winter break...



Right Now!

Mattress Program
"The Mattress Program"

Love Cradle International has partnered with Orphanage Directors to provide the children with a sanitary sleeping environment. Despite ongoing efforts of the caregivers, the mattresses in the orphanages are soiled and contaminated with bacteria which can cause the orphans to suffer from infectious sores. The financial turmoil in the Ukraine has left them with no resources to replace the mattresses...

1000 Pairs of Shoes

In the orphanages, basic essentials such as proper shoes are not available. The children that have shoes are often wearing sizes too small for their feet or shoes that are worn through; others only have hotel slippers that were intended to be thrown away after a short stay away from home...

UPDATE - as of 7/1, 223 pairs were delivered...

Sergii's Eye Surgery
Sergii's Eye Surgery

My name is Sergii and I am a student of an orphan boarding school. It happened in my life that because of certain circumstances I live and study at this school. UPDATE: Sergii has had surgery to save his eyes!! Thank you for all your support and prayers.




August 2
Farewell Celebration
for Rainbow of Hope Summer Hosting Program
December 19
Orphans arrive
for Rainbow of Hope Winter Hosting Program
January 3 (2015)
Farewell Celebration
for Rainbow of Hope Winter Hosting Program
February 28 (2015)
Love Cradle International Annual Praise banquet
The hosting program is going well; the children have all adjusted and are enjoying their time.


Vision Statement

To care for the physical and spiritual well being of orphan children.
To see helpless and destitute orphans equipped and able to live balanced and disciplined lives.
To give orphans every possible advantage to grow in an environment that empowers them to become the leaders of tomorrow.